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The Project


DRONESURF® will produce a travel show based around coastal cities and different islands throughout the world. The travel show will highlight local cultural awareness, surf, sports, local cooking and cuisine, and yearly festivities. In each episode, we want to cover different territories including New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia: Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, China and India. We would like to cover Hawaii, Sri Lanka, and additional continents in the near future.

Currently DRONESURF® encompasses the use of Drone Cameras, GoPros, Panasonic Lumix G7, and a Scheinheser Microphone as equipment. Additional equipment is being considered as budget and finance permits. Proposed budget: (500K-1M) The current budget is based on a 1 Month Pre-Production forecast, 22- Air Travel Dates, 3.5 Month Production lodging and 2 Months of Post Production work. In addition, we require a budget for Marketing and Distribution.

The Idea Behind


The idea behind DRONESURF® came after talking with artist and very close friends who work in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, CA. We determined that the current drone technology that is available commercially was providing excellent tools for story telling. As a result, I started flying drones for film and television. Having a background in the Aerospace Industry as an Aerospace Engineer, from UF & Stanford, I was able to research the specifications required. In addition, having worked professionally in Aircraft Manufacturing and Autonomous Technology for about 9 years, allowed me to fly and maintain my drones and programing them as a hobby. I was quickly happily enthusiastic when this technology met my love for producing stories.

Words from the Founders


I am one of the founders of the new production company DRONESURF®. Our mission at DRONESURF® is allowing our audience to connect and experience stories from a different perspective with the art of flying. The goal at DRONESURF® is to create impacting and beautiful aerial footage, to provide aerial inspections, assist in rescue missions and produce quality stock footage for Film and TV and production. DRONESURF® also participate in collaborations, ventures and co-productions with many Los Angeles Film and TV production companies.

I am currently in the graduating class of 2016 of UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and help start the company formally. We implemented different drones and cameras with Ultra high-definition quality as an effort on creating even better quality stories.

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